The Mays Report is an Investing & finance blog that reports both short and long-term trends in the stock market and economy, and interprets  economic data as it affects the stock market as well as reports on specific companies and industries.

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G C Mays is a equity, grains, and economic analyst as well as managing editor of The Mays Report. He has more than 20 years equity research and trading experience. He is expert at financial statement and data analysis.
He is the driving force behind the data collection, financial statement analysis and modeling that serve as the basis for his relative valuation approach to equity & economic analysis.He is a CFA Institute Member. In addition, he has the Series 7, 65 and 63 brokerage licenses. He can be reached at gcmays [at] maysreport [dot] com or you can follow the Mays Report on twitter at http://twitter.com/MaysReport

With regards to the In Focus category which displays articles written about publicly traded companies and may mention a recommendation. The Mays Report and any authors who submit articles for publication on the Mays Report web site must adhere to the Research Objectivity Standards issued by the CFA Institute which state the following:

If not previously owned and disclosed, author must wait five(5) trading days after issuing a buy recommendation for a stock in an article before the stock can be purchased. An Author must wait 30 days after issuing a sell recommendation of a stock that the author or a family member owns before selling that stock. An author may not trade against any published recommendation except in the case of financial hardship.