Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale for August 22, 2012

Posted on August 22, 2012

After trading up to $8.38 around NOON, corn sold off, hitting $8.30 less than one hour later. After the Fed minutes were published prices recovered to close at $8.35.

Closing Prices (per bushel unless otherwise stated)

Contract Commodity Last Change
Dec 2012 Corn $8.35 -0.0375
Dec 2012 Wheat $9.1775 -0.0425
Nov 2012 Soybeans $17.4925 -0.0425
Aug 2012 Soybean Oil (Metric Ton) $56.1500 +0.5800
Aug 2012 Soybean Meal (Metric Ton) $536.2000 -7.4000

Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale


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