Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale for August 9, 2012

Posted on August 9, 2012

Whew! Today has been one of those weird days. Commodities were generally higher today. Dec corn hit its all-time high twice today before pulling back at the close. Volume plummeted every time the price rose above 828 3/4 or below 823 3/4.

 I published a piece at Seeking Alpha this morning entitled, “Are Unyielding Corn Prices Zapping U.S. Exports?” that received some colorful comments. There is a link to the piece below today’s report from Allendale if your’e interested.

Closing Prices (per bushel unless otherwise stated)

Contract Commodity Last Change
Dec 2012 Corn $8.2275 +0.0625
Sept 2012 Wheat $9.1225 +0.1300
Nov 2012 Soybeans $16.2975 +0.4850
Aug 2012 Soybean Oil (Metric Ton) $52.5500 +0.7600
Aug 2012 Soybean Meal (Metric Ton) $519.9000 +19.8000

Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale

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