Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale for July 16, 2012

Posted on July 16, 2012

Higher and higher we go, how high no one knows…  

The overall condition of the corn crop has declined again. The  percentage of the corn crop rated good to excellent fell to 31% from 40% a week ago while the percentage rated poor to very poor surged to 38% from 30% last week. Soybean crop conditions also slumped with 34% of crop rated good to very good and 30% rated poor to very poor.

Recent Trading Prices

Contract Commodity Last Change
Sept 2012 Corn $7.7675 +0.3625
Sept 2012 Wheat $8.8450 +0.3675
Aug 2012 Soybeans $16.3375 +0.3900
Aug 2012 Soybean Oil (Metric Ton) $54.6500 +0.9500
Aug 2012 Soybean Meal (Metric Ton) $487.3000 +13.2000

Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale

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