Soybeans Soar! Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale for June 7, 2012

Posted on June 7, 2012

Soybeans soar ¢0.4175 today despite a second straight week of relatively sub par sales. I use the term relatively because compared to the same week last year the weekly numbers are still robust. This spring has seen weekly sales roughly 65 percent higher than last year until recently.

Recent Trading Prices

Contract Commodity Last Change
July 2012 Soybeans $14.2600 +0.4175
July 2012 Soybean Oil (Metric Ton) $50.4100 +1.1400
July 2012 Soybean Meal (Metric Ton) $426.3000 +10.9000
July 2012 Corn $5.9400 +0.0775
July 2012 Wheat $6.3700 +0.1750

Afternoon Commodities Report from Allendale

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