US Drought Conditions Improving: March 15 – June 30 2012:

Posted on March 18, 2012

According to the latest NOAA seasonal assessment drought conditions are beginning to improve. This would go a long way towards realizing those 160+ bushels per acre corn yields.

US Seasonal Drought Outlook Mar 15 - Jun 30 2012

The full text from the report is as follows:

Latest Seasonal Assessment – The drought outlook for March 15 – June 30, 2012 is based on short-, medium-, and long-range forecasts, initial conditions, and climatology. Since the release of the previous drought outlook issued on March 1, 2012, drought improvement occurred across parts of the Great Plains and along the Gulf Coast, while drought intensified across the Florida peninsula and the West. Since the seasonal precipitation signals are weak as La Niña is forecast to transition to ENSO-neutral conditions by the end of April, the outlook is based primarily on short to medium range forecasts, the CPC April outlooks, and climatology. During the remainder of March, more beneficial precipitation can be expected across the Great Plains, especially across southeast Kansas, Oklahoma, and northern/central Texas. This March precipitation coupled with an increasingly wet climatology favor improvement across parts of the Great Plains along with the western Corn Belt and upper Mississippi Valley. Prospects for improvement diminish across the central/southern high Plains, while persistence is expected across the Southwest. After an unseasonably dry winter, precipitation returned to the Pacific Northwest and California during March. Although improvement is forecast across the Pacific Northwest and northern California due to a favorable pattern for continued wetness throughout March, a complete recovery of the deficient snowpack in the Sierra Nevada is not expected. Persistence is forecast for much of the Southeast due to relatively dry conditions expected during late March and April. Late in the outlook period, improvement may begin in south Florida with the onset of the rainy season. Some improvement is expected across the lingering drought areas in Hawaii. .

The original report is available here at the NOAA web site.

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