Compass Minerals Reports Fourth-Quarter Highway Deicing Sales Volume and Snow-Event Data

Posted on January 10, 2012

OVERLAND PARK, Kan.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Compass Minerals (NYSE: CMP) has published its fourth-quarter 2011 highway deicing sales volume and regional weather data on its website at

“Fortunately for Compass Minerals, weather patterns do change, and most of our winter season is typically during the first quarter.”

Compass Minerals’ highway deicing sales volume, which includes all highway maintenance products sold in the U.S., Canada and the U.K., as well as rock salt sold to the chemical industry, totaled approximately 2,724,000 tons in the three months ended December 2011 compared with sales of 3,284,000 tons in the 2010 quarter.

The company reported that there were 16 snow events in 11 representative cities in its primary North American highway deicing service area during the period compared with 50 events in the same cities in the 2010 period and a ten-year average of 46.4 events.

“While the number of snow events in North America declined 68 percent from the same period in 2010 and was well below the ten-year average, our highway deicing sales volume was only 17 percent below the 2010 quarter because of strong customer demand to establish pre-season stockpiles and the benefit of above-average sales in the U.K.,” explained Angelo Brisimitzakis, Compass Minerals’ president and CEO. “Fortunately for Compass Minerals, weather patterns do change, and most of our winter season is typically during the first quarter.”

The number of snow events reported may not directly correlate to Compass Minerals’ deicing results due to a variety of factors, including the relative significance to the company of the cities represented and differences in the amount of salt purchased by customers to establish their pre-season stockpiles. The weather data should be used only as an indicator of the year-to-year variations in winter weather conditions in these cities. Compass Minerals draws its weather data from the U.S. National Weather Service and Environment Canada without weighting or other adjustments.

About Compass Minerals

Based in the Kansas City metropolitan area, Compass Minerals is a leading producer of minerals, including salt, sulfate of potash specialty fertilizer and magnesium chloride. The company provides highway deicing salt to customers in North America and the United Kingdom and specialty fertilizer to growers worldwide. Compass Minerals also produces consumer deicing and water conditioning products, ingredients used in consumer and commercial foods, and other mineral-based products for consumer, agricultural and industrial applications. Compass Minerals also provides records management services to businesses throughout the U.K. For more information, visit



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