Morning Coffee: Economic & Earnings Calendar for December 9, 2011

Posted on December 9, 2011

What’s Happening Today?

Today is all europe, all the time. Will the EU find a solution? In the US we get to chew on some trade and preliminary U of  M consumer sentiment data.

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All times US Eastern Standard Time.

Today’s Global Economic Calendar
  Chinese Flag China: Merchandise Trade
02:00 AM German Flag Germany: Consumer Price Index (CPI)
02:00 AM German Flag Germany: Merchandise Trade
02:45 AM Flag of France France: Industrial Production
04:30 AM British Flag Great Britain: Merchandise Trade
04:30 AM British Flag Great Britain: Producer Price Index (PPI)
08:30 AM US Flag US: International Trade
09:00 AM Canadian Flag Canada: Merchandise Trade
09:55 AM US Flag US: Consumer Sentiment

There are no notable earnings being reported today.

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